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Business Secret #1
You Have To Believe What You Can't See...
Believing something is possible when it hasn't happened yet is really difficult. But it is crucial. If we can't believe that we can make 6 figures then we will never achieve it, and then what's the point in having our own business?
 But I know it's tough when you haven't seen it with your own eyes. So I'm going to create you a plan tailored to your business so you can see it with your own eyes.
Business Secret #2
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Without a System You Don't Have a  Business...
If you want to earn £100,000 in 1 year of business, you have to have a system that sets you up for this success. The system is your 'how' - HOW you will achieve your goals. A system is also the only way you secure complete flexibility and freedom over your time. Because if you know it takes X amount of work to achieve £10k per month you can stop after you have completed X amount of work each day. 
I will give you the system you need to generate 6 figures without sacrificing your work life balance.
Business Secret #3
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Taking Action Takes Courage Not Confidence
Sometimes taking action is the hardest part because of our fears, overwhelm and doubts. Being brave and committing to our businesses is what it takes though to achieve 6 figures so I am going to make it super easy for you. If you can just take the simple step to complete the application on the next page, if your application is successful I will explain the easiest, most pain-free methods for you to take action and earn consistent, predictable and lucrative income - and we will walk through how you do it together. 
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Bonus #1
When I was employed and I invested in my first business coach I went into minus money for the first time in my ENTIRE life. Up until this point, I genuinely believed I was good with money, never spending more than I could repay when pay-day came around. But I look back now and can admit that I never had savings more than £1000 in the bank, which I would then spend on a holiday (at least it wasn't sat in the bank losing value because of inflation hey!). It would take me around a year to save £1000 with the job I had at the time.

When I decided to put £2500 on my credit card for my first business coach, a value which at my current salary would take me 2 and a half years to pay off (unless I could use this new knowledge to increase my income of course!)... 

At this point I had 2 choices: 
1. Let my old beliefs (which were significantly risk-adverse) keep me capped financially. Carry on earning a wage I was told I was lucky to be earning at my age, but that was ultimately very uninspiring and would not deliver me the lifestyle nor the fulfilment I really craved.
2. Take control of my life, believe in my vision for MORE, believe that I had the capability to learn and apply what I would learn to increase my earning potential, but also make an impact and provide me and my family an epic lifestyle made up of choices and abundance. 

Obviously you know which one I chose and let me tell you it has been SO WORTH IT. I'm not saying I wasn't uncomfortable financially when I made that decision, but the short term sacrifice was absolutely worth it for the long term choices it has given me. No one will ever control my time or my income. My success is 100% in my hands. I feel powerful - AND OF COURSE I MADE THE MONEY BACK!
But Let's REWIND to March 2017 when I was starting my business with minus £2500. So I literally had less than 0 money.
With the help of my business coach, I designed myself a system to get going which required 0 investment, which is exactly what I am going to give to you in this FREE e-book - a system which will allow you to get your first few clients with no investments required.
You will get:
1. Marketing tools
2. Sales systems
3. Client delivery mechanisms
4. Graphic design tools
5. Social media tools
6. Finance Systems
7. How to Scale
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Bonus #2
... For those fed up of living pay-day to pay-day.

There's a reason the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor - it's because we learn about money from our parents. Schools are too busy making sure they create a whole new generation of employees, whilst allowing the gap between rich and poor communities to widen year on year.

What schools should be teaching is how we can all be wealthier, not only will this boost out economy but it will create a more harmonious, balanced and fulfilled society - a better world for our children.
So What Is Passive Income?
Passive Income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it - i.e. unlike a job, we are not trading time for money.

In todays unpredictable world, it is also becoming increasingly important to have plan B and plan C incomes, because plan A for most people can be taken away at any time. I always say that time and financial freedom are not the only types of freedom on offer because of passive income - mental freedom is also up for grabs. Peace of mind that if the worst happens, you have a financial safety net.

There are few simple lessons we all need to learn if we are to use passive income to create freedom and security for ourselves and our families.
Simply Book Your FREE 'Roadmap to £100k' Strategy Call With Me To Get This Bonus
My Time is Limited And I Can Only Accept 9 Applicants
Once The Seats Are Gone, Registration Will Close
 "Thank you so much for our exploratory coaching call. It was so interesting; in less than 15 minutes you lead me into insights into why I feel the fear in the situation we discussed and the simple strategy to deal with it was so illuminating. This was probably the most beneficial conversation I have had all year."
"Your call was informative and transformational... In such a short time you identified those things holding me back and causing me pain and heartache but also helped me to realise that change can happen and I am the root to that change to reach the contentment and success I desire - with your help of course! Thank you again. The journey is just beginning.”
Who is Bethan Jepson?
  • Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur: Most Promising Young Person in Manchester 2017, Top 1% Passive Income Earner 2019
  • Grew her first passive income business to a 6 figure turnover in less than 3 months: See the graph below :)
  • Went from Unemployable Graduate to Award Winning Entrepreneur in 2 years: Graduated July 2015 with zero confidence and zero job prospects, establishing her first business July 2017 winning her first award November 2017.
  • Mentored and Coached by the Worlds Best Business coaches, wealth coaches and marketers: Sam Ovens (net worth $65 million), Russel Brunson ($37 million), JT Foxx ("JT Foxx is the closest person I've ever met to Steve Jobs" according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak), Izabella Levy (did £250,000 in her first year of business as a solopreneur).
  • Helping Conscious Individuals Create Businesses With Impact Whilst Providing a Lifestyle Of Freedom and Flexibility.
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