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Hi there! I'm guessing you're here because you want to know a bit more about me...

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, mentor and podcast host, launching and growing multiple 6 figure companies in the past 6 years ranging from legal recruitment to career coaching, from health products to engineering products & services. I am a Partner in UK Business Capital Partners where we acquire, partner or invest in businesses and help them fulfil their growth potential - giving the original founders the resources to thrive, step back or move on to greener pastures if they wish. 

I also mentor life-orientated business owners & thought leaders who typically work HARD and LONG, and who feel like their business is dependent on them physically being there. Together we launch & scale an evolved version of your business which allows you to live free, utilising online technology, advanced sales & marketing strategies, passive streams of income and team optimisation - the end result being that you are the proud, healthy owner of an empire which runs and grows WITHOUT YOU having to work IN the business

I teach this via a 3 step process:

1. LEARN YOUR MARKET - This is where we take full responsibility to learn about our market so our potential clients feel like we are reading their mind. This not only allows us to have a very effective marketing and sales strategy (which can be automated / outsourced), but it also allows us to create irresistible offers and products that sell out every time we launch. We won't move on from this phase until you are earning stable revenue and we have created our first system - our money management system that budgets for growth.

2. SYSTEMISE YOUR BUSINESS - This is where we take the knowledge, experience and wisdom that's in your head and that you have accumulated in the "LEARN" phase and create processes and work flows that we can either teach to someone else, or give to the robots to carry out on our behalf. 

3. LEVERAGE YOUR TIME - This is where we step back from our business, assuming the role of CEO and strategist and we test the systems we have created and our ability to leverage. We may build a team in this phase (either outsourcing or hiring) and we will certainly use as much technology and automation in our business as possible!

I teach this process in either small groups of 5, at mastermind intensives and I have very limited spots for 121 clients. If you're interested in working with me in any capacity, then certainly book a call with me and we can figure out what fits best for you.   

I am also the founder of the Success Circle Network, a community of high performing, but life-orientated individuals who are also pursuing Success Without Sacrifice and passive income. We support each other, we learn from each other and we hold each other accountable to our goals.

If you enjoy learning from successful people, you should also check out my podcast: Millionaire Secrets. My guests have on multiple occasions stated that recording with me was one of the best interview experiences - I really get to the good stuff!

Ultimately, my mission that underpins all my ventures, is to disconnect the relationship between money and time, meaning you can grow your business and income exponentially & sustainably WHILST having a life  - Success WITHOUT Sacrifice is what I whole-heartedly believe in." - Bethan Jepson

If you would like to get to know me, my ethos and my story, check out this interview I did with my mentor where he interviewed me on his podcast.

Hi, I'm Bethan Jepson...

  • Award Winning Entrepreneur: Most Promising Young Person in Manchester 2017
  • Grew her first online business to a 6 figure business in less than 3 months
  • ​Mentored and Coached by the Worlds Best Business coaches, entrepreneurs and marketers
Bethan with her Billionaire Mentors - Fred Fishback, Erik Simons and Property Multi-Millionaire Rob Van Winkle (more commonly known as Vanilla Ice - legend!)
Bethan with her Multi-Millionaire Coach JT Foxx: "JT Foxx is the closest person I've ever met to Steve Jobs" - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
Mark Bowness (a world-renowned 7 figure online entrepreneur) recently interviewed Bethan on his podcast "We build tribes."
If you are: 
1. A busy solopreneur, coach, consultant or service provider who currently feels like you are choosing between the pursuit of success and your happiness, let's create you an empire - a product ecosystem that allows you to leverage your time and prioritise your lifestyle...

2. A life-orientated, purpose-driven individual looking to build wealth so you can have both freedom and financial security. Maybe you've explored certain passive income streams before, or you've wanted to, but aren't sure how best to utilise your skills and experience to create success without sacrifice...

3. Working for somebody else, but you want a more flexible, fulfilling and lucrative way of earning your money, looking to launch your own business / side hustle... 

I can definitely add value and I invite you to book a call with me. I am obsessed with making Success WITHOUT Sacrifice accessible to anyone who wants it because I watched my parents sacrifice EVERYTHING in order to chase a version of success that involved A LOT of sacrifice.

My Dad was a lawyer and then business owner who was always BUSY. As a lawyer, the culture of that profession was (and still is!) very much about "who can show the clients and the bosses who are the most committed by working the longest hours". Then as a business owner my Dad created a business that was fully dependent on him. He was responsible for acquiring and maintain all client relationships i.e. the money. So if he didn't show up for work, the business stopped making money. This meant that he didn't have much time left over for his passions, his relationships, his family and he got trapped in this cycle of being dependent on working long hours. I actually interviewed him on my podcast about how we finally escaped this if you want some inspo on break this cycle at long last!

My mum, although was a "stay at home mum," she was also a foster carer which meant that she was essentially working 24/7. This meant that there was RARELY opportunity for her to prioritise herself and her mental & physical health suffered dramatically as a result.

Watching my parents sacrifice life for money for YEARS, I am 100% dedicated to a different way - a pursuit of success that doesn't sacrifice happiness, wellbeing, fulfilment. A pursuit of money that doesn't sacrifice time. Within this mission there are 4 core values which define how one goes about achieving their version of success without sacrifice:
  • ​Mental Freedom & Empowerment
  • ​Courageous Leadership & Authenticity
  • ​Creative Earning & Financial Diversification
  • ​Ambitious Goals & Making an Impact
This is what I call the Success Circle. A journey of evolution and what the Success Circle Network is named after.

If you would like to dip your toe into my world...


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Coaching Testimonials & Case Studies

Caroline - Eating Psychology Coach and Founder of Strawberry Rose Farm selling whole foods & ethical products
Pauline - Psychotherapist and Transformational Life Coach
Flo - Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Retreats
Audrey - Wedding Planner & Commercial Lawyer


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Bethan with Jillian Michaels (fitness entrepreneur & TV personality)
Bethan with Gabriel Macht (Actor & producer, most commonly known as 'Harvey Specter' from Suits)
Bethan with Kimora Lee Simmons (fashion entrepreneur, investor & TV personality)
Bethan with Jay Abraham (widely known as the worlds number 1 marketer)
Bethan with Moira Forbes (Forbes Women Magazine)
Bethan with Stedman Graham (author, entrepreneur & Oprah's partner)
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