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Day 1. How to Become TIME-FREE in 12 months - Business Plan Template.
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 Day 3. 'Managing my Money for Living Free' - template & calculator.
Day 4. 'Creating a 'Must-Have' Product for your Ideal Client' - checklist.
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You will receive a 12 month business plan template which you can adapt for your business and lifestyle which will provide you the step-by-step plan to allow your business to run with as little of your time as you choose.

If you stick to this plan, your life will look completely different in 12 months time, especially if you are someone that currently puts the hours in! 

The more you stick to this plan, the more time you will get back. But of course you may choose to keep doing the parts of your business you truly love. You can do as much or as little of this plan as you like to create your optimum work-life integration

Within the MASTERCLASS you'll learn:
1. How to identify the right sales funnel for your business and how to automate your existing sales funnels.
2. How a 'none-techy' person can build their own sales funnel in 30 minutes or less including the best tools to make it easy!
3. How to get your ideal client into your sales funnel (and how to automate this!)

One of the main challenges people find when they try to make their business less reliant on them is that they haven't allocated the right budget into the right place to allow them to leverage their time. 

Have you heard the phrase: "if it was easy everyone would do it"... Well in this case, the more accurate phrase is: "if it didn't take lots of organisation, thinking ahead and commitment, then everyone would do it."

Hence why we need a clear monthly 'money management plan' that can be applied no matter your average monthly revenue. 

If you use this template & calculator to plan your monthly money management, you will be living free in no time! 

My mentor always says, "every day you wake up there are also 10,000 other people waking up needing your product or service to alleviate them of their pain and make their lives better." 

So where are these 10,000 people you ask?

Well they are waiting for you to speak to them and make the decision to invest in your product/service a no-brainer! 

Most people think there is something wrong with the market if your product/service doesn't sell so easily, but actually it's a problem with how you communicate your product/service or even how you have created it in the first place. 

This checklist will help you tick all the boxes your ideal client is looking for to make your product/service a MUST-HAVE.

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