30x Your Business’ Visibility & Generate New Leads Through Enjoyable Collaborations & Meaningful Networking  

FREE CHALLENGE - 30 Collaborations in 30 days...
Free 7 Day Collaboration Challenge for Life-Orientated Entrepreneurs...
  • For you if you're tired of the endless content creation cycle and feeling inadequate when you can't physically bring yourself to post every day...
  • ​For you if you don't have the budget for risky facebook ads...
  • ​For you if you want to grow your audience consistently, creating an endless pipeline of leads and opportunities...
  • ​For you if you enjoy building authentic business relationships and friendships with other business owners 
Challenge starts on Monday 28th June, 2021 - Mark Your Calendar
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For an Evergreen Pipeline of Leads & Meaningful Business Relationships...

In this FREE 7 day challenge, Bethan Jepson shares her simple and highly effective strategies for establishing collaborative partnerships, growing your reach and lead generation exponentially... by 30x in 30 days!

In just 7 days you'll be collaborating with business owners who WANT to put you in front of their audience... who will refer you clients in the future... and you'll have a NEW channel of leads that allows you to play to your strengths of building REAL relationships with people, so you don't have to feel GUILTY for not posting on social media every single day 😅
  • Learn the process Bethan uses to identify & establish, meaningful, profitable collaborations with business owners who will open the doors to a new stream of quality leads who convert quickly because they trust you through association. 
  • Take part in our fun accountability circle to book in 30 collaborations over the next 30 days to practice the process and get you started whilst you still have Bethan to answer your questions live.
  • Discover the systems that can be set up to automate this process, so you can keep growing your business, increasing your audience and network without the added time demands.
  • Learn Bethan's #1 collaboration secret which increases lead generation by 5 times, and why most people struggle to get leads and conversions from collaborations.
  • End the challenge together on a LIVE call with Bethan and ask her anything about getting the most out of these collaborative relationships and monetisation.
  • BONUS: Get LIFETIME access to Bethan's collaboration bank so you can find qualified collaboration partners easier ongoing! (Worth £147)

What Does Collaboration Even Mean in this Context?

You may be reading all this info thinking... "What does she even mean by collaboration and how does this get me leads?" Which is a perfectly reasonable question!
In this context of marketing your business, collaboration falls into a quality over quantity type of marketing strategy. Rather than casting a net into the ocean and seeing what you happened to catch, making the best of whatever that is... Instead we are fishing with intention, putting our rod in a carefully selected lake, in a specific spot with specific bait on the hook so we know that every fish caught is of the quality we are looking for.
It works by... following the bespoke collaboration strategies I will provide you (this is why only 30 people will be admitted to the challenge - so I can get to know everyones needs), you will be producing SMALLER numbers of HIGHER quality content, putting it in front of MORE of the RIGHT type of potential customers and producing BETTER relationships, MORE trust and HIGHER quality leads than you could ever achieve by simply posting on social media on a daily basis or by pumping money into paid advertising.

Your Host: Bethan Jepson

Bethan is an award winning entrepreneur, mentor, network founder and podcast host. She mentors life-orientated business owners to help them scale, detaching the relationship between time and money so they can have both financial success and freedom. She also buys and invests in 7-Figure businesses, helping owners get the exit they deserve and the life they desire. Her core mission is to help 10,000 business owners live their version of Success Without Sacrifice so we can all be both SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY.

This is no ‘set and forget’ program – Bethan personally works with everyone enrolled to make sure EVERYONE is set for success in just 7 days. Because of the huge value in this free program, student intakes are strictly limited to 30 participants

So register your interest below and Bethan will voicenote you so she can get to know your business and make sure you're ready to take ACTION and get RESULTS.

What it's like to work with Bethan...

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