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We help business owners & entrepreneurs achieve their version of business success without sacrificing their health, family and relationships to do so. We do this by introducing online strategies to the business model that are NOT dependent on the time of the business owner. To us, providing a 6 figure lifestyle for you and your family shouldn't come at the expense of your time or your happiness!
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Written by Bethan Jepson on 29/04/2020
One of the biggest causes of stress for business owners I see is GUILT. Guilt that comes from comparing yourself, your habits, your routine and of course your results to other business owners (well mostly your perception of other business owners from what you can see on the ‘gram!)...
Written by Bethan Jepson on 22/04/2020
Happy Earth day!! 

As an environmentalist and someone who loves the planet just as much as I love empowered women AND just as much as I love money, I'm going to look at Earth day from a slightly different perspective than the norm...
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