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Why the World Needs Wealthy Women...
Written by Bethan Jepson on 22/04/2020. 
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Happy Earth day!! 

As an environmentalist and someone who loves the planet just as much as I love empowered women AND just as much as I love money, I'm going to look at Earth day from a slightly different perspective than the norm.

Here's my grand statement (let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree)...

THE EARTH WILL BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE WHEN WOMEN STEP INTO THEIR POWER... And our relationship with money is key for this. 

Most women who have done zero personal development think they are worth less than the income level where they and their families can thrive (the cost of living is just that extreme unfortunately!)  - and it's not our fault. 

As, for the entirety of human history we have been paid less than our male counterparts - and in some cultures within our lifetime, families have even been disappointed to have a baby girl because they are worth less to the family household.

 However, we know women make phenomenal world leaders and powerful influencers because of our compassion and work ethic. 

And what commands respect and influence in our society? 

Money (for better or worse!) 

Fundamentally, the more we make, the more we can step into our feminine nurturing power and give back to those in need and the more able we are to steer the world in a more equal, harmonious direction where people, the planet and it’s creatures are taken care of. 

As women we take care of things.

So it's in the planet's interest for women to step into their power and mend our relationship with money. 

A negative relationship with money and low self worth is easiest to diagnose by a reluctance to invest in oneself, even when you hear guidance like - 
“you should put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others put theirs on...”
“Investing in yourself is the safest investment you can make because YOU control YOU...” 

Ultimately, if you're afraid of investing money in yourself or your goals, you're also going to be afraid of making money. AND THIS IS ACTUALLY NORMAL BEHAVIOUR.

It's normal to be afraid of what you can't control, our primitive response system in our brain is wired to help us reclaim control when we feel like we're losing it so we can survive. 

Even if our current situation is painful, part of your primitive brain still believes that it is less of a threat than the unknown.
However, you started your business because you wanted more than what you currently have and because you wanted to help others to have more than what they currently have using your service or product as the vehicle. 

But this fear of losing control is keeping you stuck and keeping your clients stuck as well - you actually fear making more money than you currently do because it represents the unknown i.e. something you can't control. 

The reality is is that most business owners get stuck at the same income level that their job used to pay them - because that is what they know, it’s what they know they are already worth. The reality is, is that it takes great courage to make more money than you ever have done before. 

It takes more courage than staying financially insecure even though you are at greater risk in modern society being financially insecure.

Because of this 99% of women will never step into their full power.

However, if you want to be part of the 1% that does - you need to master your inner entrepreneur, the part of you that can choose to put your fear aside and help more people, give your family a greater life and show yourself what you're made of.

If nothing else you need to recognise when your fear of investing money in your growth is just playing into old survival mechanisms that don't serve you. 

Recognise that the value you are willing to invest in yourself isn’t about the money you have access to (I have put £15,000 on 6 different credit cards in the past so I know we all have more access than our excuses!), it’s representative of your confidence and your self worth which only changes when you push your own boundaries.

You need to choose to put your big girl pants on and step into your power. It's a win-win, the world will be better off, and your life will be better off as well.

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About Author: Bethan Jepson

- Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur: Most Promising Young Person in Manchester 2017, Top 1% Passive Income Earner 2019
​- Grew her first passive income business to a 6 figure business in less than 3 months
​- Mentored and Coached by the Worlds Best Business coaches, entrepreneurs and marketers such as JT Foxx, Sam Ovens, Fred Fishback, Erik Simons, Marina de Giovanni, Jay Abraham, Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Brunson.
- Loves animals just as much as she loves people and one of her big 'whys' is to establish her own turtle and ocean conservation centre (there's a reason the ocean is a key part of the brand!). 
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