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What You Will Get In The Call
1. Guidance on the quickest path to a 6 figure empire without having to sacrifice your lifestyle
2. Guidance on the challenges currently holding you back.
3. Guidance on how to develop systems within your current business model so you can increase your income without having to physically be there all the time.
What It Takes To Work With Bethan
Bethan can only commit to FREE Brainstorming Calls when her diary allows. By completing this form you will be able to book a call immediately. This goes straight into Bethan's diary. If Bethan doesn't think she'll be a good fit for what you need, you will receive an email saying we have cancelled the call. If Bethan thinks that she can in fact help you and add value, you won't receive anything apart from a reminder email for the call!
Let's Brainstorm Your Empire...

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Bonus #1
When I invested in my first business coach I went into the black for the first time in my ENTIRE life. Up until this point, I genuinely believed I was good with money, never spending more than I could repay when pay-day came around. But I look back now and can admit that I never had savings more than £1000 in the bank, which I would then spend on a holiday (at least it wasn't sat in the bank losing value because of inflation hey!). It would take me around a year to save £1000 with the job I had at the time.

When I decided to put £2500 on my credit card for my first business coach, a value I knew (that unless I could use this new knowledge to make additional cash) would take me 2 and a half years to pay off... 

At this point I had 2 choices: 
1. Let my old beliefs (which were significantly risk-adverse) keep me capped financially. Carry on earning a wage I was told I was lucky to be earning at my age, but that was ultimately very uninspiring and slow growing.
2. Take control of my life, believe in my vision for MORE - where I could make an impact and work provide me and my family an epic lifestyle made up of choices and abundance. 

Obviously you know which one I chose and let me tell you it has been SO WORTH IT. I'm not saying I wasn't uncomfortable financially for around a year, but the short term sacrifice was absolutely worth it for the long term choices it has given me. No one will ever control my time for my income. My success is 100% in my hands. I have power.
But Let's REWIND to March 2017 when I was starting my business with minus £2500. So I literally had less than 0 money.
With the help of my business coach, I designed myself a system to get going which required 0 investment, which is exactly what I am going to give to you in this FREE e-book - a system which will allow you to get your first few clients with no investments required.
You will get:
1. Marketing tools
2. Sales systems
3. Client delivery mechanisms
4. Graphic design tools
5. Social media tools
6. Finance Systems
Simply Book Your FREE Business Brainstorm Call To Get This Bonus
Bonus #2
So What Is Passive Income?
Passive Income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it

In todays unpredictable world, it is also becoming increasingly important to have plan B and plan C incomes, because plan A for most people can be taken away at any time. I always say that time and financial freedom are not the only types of freedom on offer because of passive income - mental freedom is also up for grabs. Peace of mind that if the worst happens, you have a financial safety net.

There are few simple lessons we all need to learn if we are to use passive income to create freedom and security for ourselves and our families.
Simply Book Your FREE Business Brainstorm Call To Get This Bonus
What's In It For Me?
Now you may be wondering what's in it for me? Why give all this away for free? Well there are a few reasons:
  • I am looking to build long term relationships with people who are looking to change their lives and make a difference with their business - they say we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with so I always seek out those who get this level of ambition, drive and desire, so we can be better and do better together.
  • I have a point to prove - when I started on this journey, people were so quick to tell me what was not possible for me. It was so satisfying for me to prove these people in my life wrong, but now I want to prove to everyone what's possible when we have belief, follow a system and take action. So when you get results, I get results too. 
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